Referral to clinical Psychology


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Information for patients 

  • Psychologists work with people with Stroke and their families
  • Psychologists ask a number of things to help understand the difficulties patients have
  • To do this they may:
    • Talk about the things that you do, what you think about and how you feel
    • Ask you to write things down during the day or answer questions
  • Psychologists will work together with you to develop new ways of coming and thinking about things
  • Psychologists may give advice to you and your family to help plan the way forward
  • Psychologists will work with other people you come to see in the hospital to help you cope with your illness
  • Psychologists will let your medical team and GP know how they were able to help you - but they will not talk to anyone unless you say it is okay or we think you might not be safe.


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Last reviewed: 31 December 2021

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