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Information on self management with stroke is available at:


If you want to learn more about stroke we have a stroke training site that is also on line that anyone can access:


Meets the first Monday of the month at Planefield Rd. This is a peer support group

Headway Highland
Is a group for people with brain injury and meets on a Monday afternoon at Inshes Church. More details on:

MS Centre
All people with brain injury are free to use the MS centre and there is a group that meets on a Tuesday afternoon.

Inverness Neuro Group
This is a peer support group and meets on a Thursday morning. Topics for discussion are decided by the group. They also have days out, walks and activities. For more information contact:

CHSS volunteer rehabilitation
These are trained volunteers who can work with you to help with exercise programmes and to regain your confidence. Referrals can be made by anyone and the lead will visit to discuss goals with you and set up a plan.

*COVID has prevented many groups from meeting and they may be suspended from meeting due to restrictions / concerns re spread of infection. Please contact the organisers for the most up to date information.

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