Sleep disturbance in palliative care in adults


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Refer to the Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines website for full details

Review medication

  • caffeine/alcohol/nicotine

 Prescribed medication interrupting night-time sleep

  • diuretics – taken after midday
  • steroids – taken after midday
  • sedative/hypnotic withdrawal
  • opioid side-effects
  • theophylline, methylphenidate, beta-blockers etc.

Medication causing daytime drowsiness

  • night-time sedation
  • sedative/hypnotic/anxiolytic drugs
  • antihistamines.

Last reviewed: 18 June 2019

Next review: 18 June 2021

Author(s): Palliative and Community Care Pharmacist

Version: 4

Approved By: Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Subgroup of ADTC

Reviewer Name(s): MacMillan Palliative & Community Care Pharmacist

Document Id: TAM344