Heart Failure: Diagnosis


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Patient education checklist for GPs

  • Disease process
  • Fluid and weight management
  • Early warning signs (traffic lights)
  • Medication concordance
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Immunisation
  • Social support

Futher information

Sign Guideline 147: Management of Chronic Heart Failure

Patient information: Living with Heart Failure Booklet from CHSS 


Abbreviation Meaning
LVH Left ventricular hypertrophy
CHSS Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland
ACPA/DNA Anti-citrullinated protein antibodies/ DNA

Last reviewed: 07 May 2020

Next review: 30 May 2023

Author(s): Cardiovascular Improvement Group

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Reviewer Name(s): Consultant Cardiologist and Lead Heart Failure nurse

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