Aspiration Pneumonia


Consider aspiration pneumonia if

  • history of impaired swallowing
  • vomiting with possible aspiration 48 hours before

Infection is indicated by change in sputum quality to purulent or mucopurulent or fever and new chest x-ray changes

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Drug details

Mild to moderate
(IV route only if nil by mouth)

Oral metronidazole 400mg three times daily
OR IV metronidazole 500mg three times daily
PLUS Oral/IV amoxicillin 1g three times daily

7 days

Mild to moderate
If penicillin allergy:

Oral metronidazole 400mg three times daily
OR IV metronidazole 500mg three times daily
PLUS Oral/IV clarithromycin 500mg twice daily

7 days

Severe aspiration pneumonia

IV metronidazole 500mg three times daily
PLUS IV gentamicin - refer to NHS Highland gentamicin guidelines. Stop after three days if no evidence of gram negative infection
PLUS IV amoxicillin 1g three times daily

14 days

If penicillin allergy:

Oral/IV levofloxacin 500mg twice daily (see BNF warnings and MHRA Drug Safety Alert)
PLUS IV metronidazole 500mg three times daily

14 days

If MRSA likely or over 65 yrs:

ADD IV vancomycin - refer to NHS Highland vancomycin guidelines

14 days.
Change of pathogens compared to community-acquired infection.  
Pseudomonas sp, gram negative bacilli and MRSA are possibilities.  Seek advice.  Assess severity using SIRS criteria.

Last reviewed: 25 August 2022

Next review: 25 August 2025

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