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We are really keen to know what you think of this Respiratory Resource Hub - so, once you've had a look around, we'd be very grateful if you could complete this simple questionnaire. 


You will also find a link to a  feedback form at the bottom of each page of the Respiratory Resource Hub and in the blue bar near the top of the screen - both links take you to the same feedback form.  The feedback form gives you the chance to provide feedback on individual pages of the Respiratory Resource Hub - for example:

  • Does it include links to the information you are interested in?  
  • Is anything missing?
  • Have you spotted any faulty information or any broken links?

Please start your comments by saying "Respiratory Resource Hub" and giving the title of the page you want to give feedback about.

If you find it easier, you can provide feedback by sending an email to: 

We are really looking forward to hearing from you.


Please go to our brief feedback survey to tell us what you think about the Respiratory Resource Hub.  We would particularly like to know if you think any information is missing, or there are other topics you would like the resource hub to cover.