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Meeting with others living with the same or similar conditions can be great support to you learning to live with your condition this is called peer support. These include opportunities to meet face-to-face, to join online groups, and to talk to over the telephone. Check with the organisations what they currently have on offer in line with Covid guidance.

Living Better groups in Highland, LGOWIT

LGOWIT is a Highland partnership supporting people with long term health conditions to self-manage.

Pre-Covid LGOWIT ran 23 support groups across the Highlands, providing the opportunity for individuals to come together, socialise and support each other, with groups being engaged in a variety of activities.  They also provided regular self-management training programmes and quarterly self-management forum meetings.   It is hoped that these activities will be starting up again once Covid permits.

Meanwhile LGOWIT has a closed member area on their website, where they offer 

  • Online classes in Tai chi, Just Relax and sound therapy
  • A closed group Facebook page
  • Weekly online  'Coffee and Chat'  session via Microsoft Teams

Check out the LGOWIT website or contact them on: 01349 807061

Chest Heart Stroke Scotland's Community Support Services

Chest Heart Stroke Scotland staff and volunteers support people to do what matters to them. The support is aligned to the 8 areas of wellness and can be one to one or in groups, face-to-face or remotely via telephone or online. It can include support with physical activity, day to day tasks, hobbies, and general confidence building (nothing is too big or too small - from making a cup of tea to hill walking)

Chest Heart Stroke Scotland (CHSS) Peer Support Groups

As well as volunteer and staff led direct services, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) supports a number of Peer Support Groups which are run by people who themselves have respiratory conditions.

Pre-Covid CHSS had 4 Peer Support Groups across the Highlands (in Inverness, Invergordon, Nairn and Wick) and it is hoped that they will be starting up again once Covid permits.  Visit CHSS Peer Support Groups to find out the current status of the groups.


The 8 areas of wellness


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