Singing for Lung Health

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Did you know that, if you have a long term respiratory condition, joining a singing group can improve your quality of life, reduce exacerbations (flare ups), reduce use of reliever inhalers and even reduce hospital admissions?

Introducing the Cheyne Gang

Cheyne GangDo you experience breathlessness?

Do you have a respiratory condition – COPD, bronchiectasis, asthma or other health issues which cause breathlessness?

Do you feel worried/concerned about your breathing?

Would you like to learn techniques to help with breathing?

The Cheyne Gang can help with our online ‘Singing for Lung Health’ group


Singing for Lung Health can help with:-

  • Posture
  • Breath control
  • Re-learning more helpful breathing habits
  • Improving mood and reducing feelings of anxiety or stress
  • Meeting other people who also experience breathlessness

You don’t need any experience of singing or music to take part!

If you are interested, the Cheyne Gang would love to hear from you:-

You might also like to visit our website at: where you'll find lots more information about the Cheyne Gang as well as free weekly activities and breathing exercises.




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