Self-management - learn to live with your condition

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Self management is about learning about your condition and what works for you and making plans so you can live your life to the full. It involves you learning key skills to manage your own health and wellbeing, how to work in partnership with healthcare professionals, and live with your condition with support from family, friends and the wider community. There is lots of support available online and courses you can attend to learn these skills.

Self Management is about looking at the skills and tools that can help you to learn to live with your condition . Many you might already be doing but just don’t call it Self Management. Small changes and being aware can make a big difference to daily life. There are Booklets , courses, and groups in Highland that can support you to learn and meet others to share your tips and knowledge

Learning how to live well with your condition is an important part of your journey. Self Management can help you to do all you can to live with your condition.

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