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Learning about your medication and how to take it properly is part of you managing your condition. This section provides a useful guide to understanding your medication.

Sources of information about medications used to treat respiratory conditions

Medications used to treat COPD - My lungs, my life

Medications used to treat Asthma - My lungs, my life


Inhalers - CHSS

Practical guide to inhalers - My lungs, my life


Nebulisers - CHSS

Nebulisers - My lungs, my life


Oxygen therapy - CHSS

Oxygen therapy - My lungs, my life

Oxygen therapy - British Lung Foundation (BLF) *

Essential Guide to Oxygen Therapy - a leaflet from CHSS *

Home oxygen therapy - a leaflet from BLF *

* Recommended resource

Rescue medication

You may have been given a Rescue Medication pack to take if you are having an exacerbation.  The pack will include antibiotics, to be used if your sputum has increased or changed colour, and prednisolone (a steroid), which you should take if you are significantly more breathless than usual.  You should tell your GP or respiratory team if you take your rescue meds.

Traffic lights for COPD - a leaflet from CHSS *

* Recommended resource


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