Long Covid

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Long Covid is the term used to describe signs and symptoms that last for longer than 4 weeks after getting Covid-19, it is sometimes called “post-COVID syndrome”.  There are a wide range of symptoms associated with Long Covid, including respiratory symptoms (cough, breathlessness) but also symptoms such as chest pain or palpitations, fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, brain "fog", mental health problems and more.  Different people experience different symptoms.

Sources of information about long covid

Long term effects of Covid-19 - NHS Inform

Long Covid - what it is and common symptoms - British Lung Foundation (BLF)

Long Covid - advice and information - Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS)

Living with Long Covid in the NHS Highland area?  Contact Joanne from LGOWIT (07462 171 369) to sign up for free online learning and wellbeing activities

LGOWIT Long Covid Facebook support groupThis group is a supportive and safe space for anyone experiencing Long Covid to connect and share useful information.