Learning events

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We are planning to hold regular online Open Learning Events, to include a talk by a respiratory specialist, or by other NHS, public sector or 3rd sector staff, followed by a live Q&A session.  These events aim to provide people who have respiratory symptoms and conditions, and their carers, with the opportunity to hear a talk from an expert and to have their questions answered.

Most of these events are likely to be held online using video conferencing technology, so it will be possible to join them from anywhere in the Highlands.  From time to time we hope to provide a face-to-face session in Inverness, Wick, Fort William, or other urban centre.

Some of the talks we would like to offer:

  • Michelle - techniques to help you self-manage your symptoms
  • Sarah – what you should expect from your GP and practice nurse
  • Jude – what pulmonary rehab really is and why it is worth attending
  • Emma – services CHSS has to offer for people with respiratory conditions
  • Joanne - self-management support provided by LGOWIT 
  • Lorna – how consultants diagnose and treat respiratory conditions
  • Michelle – how the specialist nurses work & what we have to offer
  • Johnny – what happens when you call an ambulance & how we decide what to do next
  • Donnie – how housing can impact on your respiratory health and what to do about it
  • Peer support groups (representatives from 4 groups across Highland) – what we do, join us, discussion
  • Dietitian - advice about healthy eating, frequency, portion size, gut biome, etc.
  • Highland Hospice - coping with loss and bereavement
  • ?? - caring for somebody with a respiratory condition and taking care of yourself as well

Joining our events

To join our open learning events you will need to book a place.  When the events are advertised a link will be provided to EventBrite, so you can book your place.


If you are unsure about using video conferencing technology please contact AbilityNet for technical support on: 0800 048 7642 during office hours, or email: enquiries@abilitynet.org.uk


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