Presentation and assessment (COVID-19)

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Patient presents by phone to GP, 111, 999
May lead to face to face consultation and assessment 
COVID-19 Clinical Evaluation can be found here
Care Home Red Room or Covid Assessment Clinic Home Visit by GP / ANP / Paramedic A&E or Minor Injuries Unit
Contact PUBLIC HEALTH. In hours: 01463 704886. OOH via Raigmore Switchboard: 01463 704000 Acute Care Evaluation
Oxygen flowchart

Pre-home visit screening for community staff

Pre-home visit risk screening flowchart


Clinical decision process

  • Discuss with colleagues for clinical decision support
  • Public Health for Care Home / patient outbreak
  • Covid bleep holder in Raigmore: 2078
  • Admission bleep: 4000

Follow discharge and transfer guidance between place of care




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